ONEOK Energy Services

ONEOK Energy Services

ONEOK Energy Services Company's primary focus is to create value for you, our wholesale customers, by delivering physical products and risk management services through our network of contracted natural gas supply, transportation and storage capacity. These services include meeting your baseload, swing and peaking natural gas commodity requirements on a year-round basis. Services are packaged and bundled to your specifications through utilizing our extensive knowledge of the physical and financial natural gas market place. Along with this knowledge base we lease 72.4 billion cubic feet (Bcf) of storage capacity and 1.0 Bcf per day of transportation capacity throughout key production and market areas of the United States and Canada. Through the utilization and optimization of the leased capacity, we are able to meet the supply and market demands when we are called upon to perform in many locations throughout the United States and Canada.

Along with the natural gas commodity services, we provide asset-management related products and services to assist in managing your storage and transportation capacity arrangements, to optimize and create value to assist in the mitigation of associated costs. The design of this service is based on your specific needs.

Utilizing ONEOK, Inc.’s investment-grade credit rating (S&P BBB; Moody's Baa2), we are able to support a strong contractual base of storage and transportation capacity to continue to allow us to maintain a very high and successful level of services.

Our customer-fit approach has earned us the distinction of being a top MARKETING company that provides commodity-diverse products and services designed to meet each of your individual needs. Our approach and attention to customer service has consistently earned ONEOK Energy Services high marks from customers responding to the Mastio’s Marketer Customer Satisfaction Rankings surveys.

We look forward to developing long-term relationships to allow us to meet your every day natural gas needs, utilizing physical and risk management tools. ONEOK Energy Services’ commitment to its core beliefs of performance and reliability continues to yield success, growth and rewarding results for our customers.