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Developing New Skills through Volunteering

This week is National Volunteer Week; an annual celebration to promote volunteerism and show appreciation for those who share their time and talents to help charitable organizations in their local communities. Read more...

#WomeninSTEM - Making History at ONEOK


March is Women’s History Month, and we would be remiss if we did not highlight some of the women that make ONEOK and our industry what it is today. The energy sector is considered a male-dominated industry. Several women at ONEOK are working to change that.


Our Greatest Resource

Here at ONEOK, we know our success is dependent upon our greatest resource – our employees. Read more...

Starting 2018 on the Right Foot


“Alright, here we go!” Shalynne Jackson, ONEOK diversity and inclusion consultant, announces as a sea of ONEOK employees head toward Tulsa’s Martin Luther King Jr. Parade route.


Talent Acquisition and Fantasy Football


You probably know by now whether you have a winning fantasy football team or a losing team.

If yours is a losing team, where did you go wrong? Was it giving too much weight to stats? Did you rush your decisions? Did you fail to research?

If you have a winning team, did you just get lucky or did you apply recruitment techniques to build a well-rounded team?


Celebrating Our Service Men and Women on Veterans Day


ONEOK supports our troops and works hard to be an employer of choice and resource for service men and women. This year at our Veterans Day events, we are recognizing more than 150 ONEOK employees who are currently serving and who have served in the U.S. military. These individuals hail from 12 states within our operating footprint and represent every branch of the armed forces.


#ONEOKGivesBack – Why YOU Should Want to Work for a Company that Cares.


It’s more than just a hashtag; service is a core value here at ONEOK. Whether providing great service to our customers or serving our community, ONEOK employees are known for their generosity. Just last month, more than 160 employees spanned out to seven charitable organizations to volunteer their time and talents during the Tulsa Area United Way’s Day of Caring.


College Recruiting Season Kicks Off with Help of Employee Recruiters


It’s college football AND college recruiting season! While you may be more excited about the first, isn’t it exciting to “score” your future career? We think so. Here at ONEOK, college recruiters visit 11 university and technical school campuses each fall, some locations multiple times. That is a lot of ground to cover, so we called in a play to our “special teams”: employees!


Makin’ a Move: Summer Interns' Field Perspectives


ONEOK Plant Operations and Environmental teams work to ensure our facilities operate safely and efficiently – responsibilities that two of our field interns learned about this summer.


The ONEOK Summer 2017 Internship Experience


I would run out of room if I tried to explain in detail the positive impact this company had on all of us as interns this summer, and the impact we all felt we made in our assigned departments. For this post, I interviewed interns in several departments to get a deeper look into the ONEOK internship experience.


My Summer in Investor Relations: Invested in Connection, Communication and Collaboration

When I applied to be a ONEOK intern, I wasn’t quite sure what department I could assist with an almost-complete advertising degree. I was thrilled when I was offered an internship in Corporate Communications and Investor Relations but I was nervous, because I knew very little about working for a corporation. Read more...

Can’t Spell ‘INTERNS’ without ‘I.T.’

ONEOK’s Information Technology department provides technology services in a safe, reliable and efficient manner that enables internal and external customers to meet their goals and objectives. Seven interns were chosen, based on their skills and experience, to be part of the IT department. Read more...

Never Stop Learning

If you currently are a college student, you may feel that the last thing you want to do is pursue additional degrees. Or maybe you feel the opposite and would love to continue your education, but the cost is a barrier. Don’t think you have to give up on pursuing your goals! Read more...

Recruiter Spotlight: Nina Manns


Nina has more than 37 years of administrative experience, an Associate of Applied Science degree in website administration, and she is especially skilled in MS-Word and Excel. She has worked abroad in Iraq, Qatar and Kuwait, supporting the U.S. Military. She got her start in the human resources arena while working in Kuwait as an HR logistics clerk, answering employee benefit questions. 


Recruiter Spotlight: Shahla Wright

Shahla came to ONEOK in 2011 as a human resources generalist from a financial/billing company where she was a regional human resources manager, and she has never regretted her decision. She is now supervisor, human resources programs, which includes university and technical school recruiting. Read more...

Recruiter Spotlight: Julie Helwege-Eberts

Julie has a passion for people and has enjoyed helping candidates find their “dream” jobs for the past 12 years as a recruiter, trainer, manager and director. She currently leads a team of recruiting, and diversity and inclusion experts in ONEOK’s Talent Acquisition and Inclusion department, which provides recruiting services centered on responsive, high-quality hiring results while fostering a diverse and inclusive environment that helps all of our employees thrive. Read more...

Why Dads Make Great Employees

Last month we posted “Why Mom’s Make Great Employees” in recognition of Mother’s Day. This month, it is dad’s turn! We asked our employees to nominate ONEOK Fantastic Fathers in celebration of Father’s Day. Read more...

Recruiter Spotlight: Tammie Lore

Tammie enjoyed a 15-year career in public schools as a district transition specialist before joining ONEOK’s Talent Acquisition team three years ago Read more...

Career Lessons Learned from Internship Teambuilding

Last week, we kicked-off our summer internship program. We are thrilled to have 39 interns this semester assisting in everything from accounting to plant operations. Read more...

Recruiter Spotlight: David Martin


David has been a recruiter since 2009, and in 2011, he worked for a national staffing company where he filled engineering and design functions for multiple disciplines. He joined ONEOK in 2013 and was promoted to supervisor, talent acquisition, in 2014.


Graduation: A New Beginning


Tips for navigate the next phase of the journey.


Why Moms Make Great Employees

We asked our employees to nominate Outstanding ONEOK Moms in celebration of Mother’s Day. After receiving several submissions, we noticed a common theme. Read more...


Finding help to navigate your career path is crucial to success. Read more...

Recruiter Spotlight: Justin Rainey

Justin Rainey_thumb Justin is a Tulsa native and Oklahoma State University graduate. Before joining ONEOK, he recruited engineering, aviation and skilled-trade positions for various companies in the Tulsa area. Read more...

Job Hunting? Volunteering May Be the Ticket to Getting Hired

A government study finds candidates who volunteer have a better chance of getting hired over those who don’t. Read more...
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