ONEOK continually reaffirms its commitment to improving environment, safety and health (ESH) performance. We have a responsibility to ourselves, our fellow employees, our communities and our families to ensure that we’re always operating our assets safely and environmentally responsibly. 

ONEOK completed the separation of its natural gas distribution business in early 2014, resulting in two stand-alone, highly focused companies: ONEOK and ONE Gas. The separation provides more tailored growth strategies, more efficient capital allocation, improved investor understanding and better shareholder alignment of the separate businesses, and has led to higher combined valuations of both companies. The separation also allows for a more focused approach to environmental, safety and health issues.  

We continue to look for ways to improve our ESH performance companywide, and we are improving in many areas. As a result, we received several ESH awards in 2015 for our efforts in safety training and hazardous-materials handling. 

ONEOK’s commitment to philanthropy and to improving the communities where we operate is ongoing. From charitable contributions to volunteering their time, ONEOK employees strive to positively impact the communities they work and live in. Our employees also are the ones who continue to drive our ESH performance improvements, and work hard to share knowledge and best practices across business units.

Our Values

Ethics: Our actions are founded on trust, honesty and integrity through open communications and adherence to the highest standards of personal, professional and business ethics.

Quality: Our commitment to quality drives us to make continuous improvements in our quest for excellence.

Diversity: We value diversity, as well as the dignity and worth of each employee, and believe that a diverse and inclusive workforce is critical to our continued success.

Value: We are committed to creating value for all stakeholders – employees, customers, investors and our communities – through the optimum development and utilization of our resources.

Service: We provide responsive, flexible service to customers, and commit to preserving the environment, providing a safe work environment and improving the quality of life for employees where they live and work.

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