Public School Grants

Investments in education are focused on opportunities that directly impact the classroom in public school districts where the company operates.

The goal of our public school grants is to improve the educational experience for K-12 students in public schools and to provide opportunities to cultivate and enhance relationships with community leaders while improving public education.

Public school grants may be used for programs and projects such as classroom-enrichment projects, instructional technology, assistance for disadvantaged students, curriculum-based materials and equipment, and programs that help improve student performance.

Public School grant requests are only accepted online.

Please review the guidelines for eligibility criteria and dates associated with grant requests.

  • First-time applicants, create your account login in and password here. Select “new applicant” and set up your account. Then return to this webpage to apply for a public school grant by selecting the public school application link below.
  • Complete a public school grant application using your account login information.
  • Requests can be submitted at any time and are considered annually on February 15.
  • Notification and payment of grants will take place in May each year. 
  • Access your account to review the status of submitted applications.
  • Grant recipients must submit a final report form by the end of the calendar year the grant is received.