Reducing Emissions with CNG
We work to reduce emissions through the use and promotion of compressed natural gas (CNG) as a clean alternative to traditional fuel sources, and currently use CNG vehicles in our fleets. 

Pipeline Optimization
Since January 2010, ONEOK Partners' natural gas pipelines business has used pipeline optimization and modeling technology to better manage more than 1,300 miles of interstate pipeline systems.

Hydraulic-modeling software enables us to better determine optimal levels of compression and fuel use along our pipelines and analyzes how external factors, such as weather and market conditions, affect the efficiency of our pipeline systems.

Efficiency improvements from our pipeline-optimization efforts include reduced fuel use and product losses, improved maintenance planning, minimized outages and enhanced reliability.

Additional Conservation Efforts  

  • We encourage the recycling of office materials, such as office paper, batteries, cardboard, plastics, aluminum cans and light bulbs. During 2015, we recycled approximately 186,000 pounds of paper at our corporate headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma, approximately 3.5 time more paper than purchased, saving 1,737 trees.
  • Tulsa employees also recycled 19,401 plastic bottles and 10,845 aluminum cans. Field offices are encouraged to recycle plastic pipe, scrap metal, shipping pallets, used motor oil, antifreeze and vehicle batteries and tires, among other items.
  • Cooling towers at some of our NGL facilities are reducing water use through a recycling process that reuses water five to eight times before it's disposed of. Sediment from some of these cooling towers is being applied to the surrounding land as fertilizer rather than being discarded.
  • We’ve partnered with a certified electronic waste (e-waste) recycler since 2009 to recycle our used computer equipment.

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