Crestone Energy Ventures

Crestone Energy Ventures

Through its wholly owned subsidiary, Crestone Energy Ventures, L.L.C., ONEOK Partners owns a 49 percent interest in Bighorn Gas Gathering L.L.C., a 37 percent interest in Fort Union Gas Gathering, L.L.C. and a 35 percent interest in Lost Creek Gathering, L.L.C., which collectively own more than 400 miles of gas gathering facilities in the Powder River and Wind River Basins in Wyoming.

Bighorn Gas Gathering
Bighorn Gas Gathering (Bighorn), which began service in December 1999, is a coalbed methane gathering project serving a broad production area in Northeast Wyoming. The Bighorn system consists of approximately 210 miles of gathering lines and compressor stations located in Sheridan, Johnson and Campbell Counties. This system is capable of gathering more than 250 million cubic feet per day (MMCf/d) of coalbed methane gas for delivery to the Fort Union Gas Gathering system. The remaining ownership interest in Bighorn is held by Copano Pipelines/Rocky Mountain, LLC (a subsidiary of Kinder Morgan), which is the project manager and operator. The Bighorn system is managed by a management committee consisting of representatives of the owners.

Fort Union Gas Gathering
The Fort Union Gas Gathering (Fort Union) system gathers coalbed methane gas produced in the Powder River Basin. Fort Union's facilities include three gathering trunk lines, each 106 miles of pipeline, extending from Gillette, Wyoming, to Glenrock, Wyoming, and a treatment plant to extract carbon dioxide (CO2). The Fort Union system is capable of delivering more than 1.2 Bcf/d of natural gas into the interstate pipeline grid. Copano Pipelines/Rocky Mountain LLC, Western Gas Wyoming, L.L.C., (a subsidiary of Anadarko Petroleum)and Powder River Midstream LLC hold the remaining ownership interests in Fort Union Gas Gathering. Copano is the managing member, Western Gas is the operator and Crestone is the administrative manager.

Lost Creek Gathering
The Lost Creek Gathering (Lost Creek) system consists of approximately 120 miles of gathering pipeline and a compressor station servicing conventional wells in the Wind River Basin in central Wyoming. Operational since August 2000, the Lost Creek system is capable of delivering more than 275 MMCf/d into the interstate pipeline grid. Burlington Resources Trading, LLC (a subsidiary of ConocoPhillips) holds the remaining interest in Lost Creek. Burlington is the managing and operating manager and Crestone is the administrative manager.

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