ONEOK Gas Storage, L.L.C. (OGS) is holding a Non-Binding Open Season for available firm intrastate storage capacity beginning April 1, 2014.

OGS provides storage services from approximately 45,000,000 dekatherms (Dth) of working gas storage capacity contained in five fields connected to ONEOK Gas Transportation, L.L.C., (OGT), which has more than 2,500 miles of transmission pipelines and more than 40 interstate and intrastate pipeline interconnects. The five storage fields - Haskell, Osage, Edmond, Sayre and Depew - are depleted gas reservoirs located in Oklahoma. 

Bidding Process
Beginning April 1, 2014, OGS will have approximately 12 Bcf of available storage capacity and is requesting proposals for multi-turn firm intrastate storage services of at least one (1) year.  Customers interested in bidding on the OGS Non-Binding Open Season Firm Storage Service may do so by submitting a completed Service Request Form to OGS by 5 p.m. Central Standard Time (CST), March 21, 2014.  Bids will be evaluated and awarded on a Net Present Value (NPV) basis.  OGS will respond to all bids no later than 5 p.m. CST, March 26, 2014.  Customers will have until March 28, 2014, to fully execute all necessary agreements, including credit assurances.

Storage Service

OGS will have 12 Bcf of available storage capacity and is currently requesting proposals for multi-turn firm storage services of at least one (1) year.  A customer’s ability to inject or withdraw is a function of a customer’s Maximum Storage Quantity and a customer’s Storage Balance on any given day as set forth by the inventory levels shown below.

Inventory Level (Dth)

Percentage Full


0-500,000     0-50   12,500 Dth
500,001-700,000      >50-70      10,000 Dth
700,001-850,000      >70-85     7,500 Dth
850,001-1,000,000 >85-100     6,000 Dth

 Inventory Level (Dth)

 Percentage Full 


1,000,000-500,000    100-50   17,500 Dth
   499,999-250,000   <50-25   13,500 Dth
   249,999-0   <25-0    10,500 Dth
All deliveries to and receipts from OGS Storage must be scheduled by 11:30 a.m. CST one business day prior to the gas day of flow.  If bidders elect to have intraday or same-day rights as a part of the storage service, this request must be elected in the bid and will be considered a non-conforming bid and will be evaluated as such.  However, if elected, all requests must be approved by OGS for incremental fees set forth on a daily market basis. 

Overruns on Maximum Daily Injection and/or Maximum Daily Withdrawal Ratchets are allowed at OGS’s sole discretion.  Customer shall be charged (on an Dth basis) any gas volumes in excess of Maximum Daily Injection and/or Maximum Daily Withdrawal Ratchets on that day at a rate approved by OGS for incremental fees set forth on a daily market basis. 

Storage Fee Structure
Fees associated with Storage that are considered in the bid process consist of:

  • Monthly Demand Charge per Dth of Maximum Storage Quantity (MSQ)
  • Commodity Charge for Injection and/or Withdrawal per Dth
  • Storage System Fuel on all injections which is set at 2.0 percent

If you have any questions about this Non-Binding Open Season, please contact the following Commercial/Marketing personnel at OGS:

Thomas Gish (918) 588-7555
Erica Greenfield (918) 732-1427

Please return fully completed Service Request Form by 5 p.m. CST, March 21, 2014 to:

Thomas Gish
(918) 588-7555

Transportation and Pool Balancing Information

View ONEOK Natural Gas Pipelines’ Transportation and Pool Balancing Shipper Requirement information.

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