ONEOK Gas Transportation, L.L.C.

ONEOK Gas Transportation, L.L.C (OGT) operates an intrastate pipeline system in Oklahoma. The transmission system has approximately 2,471 miles of transmission pipelines with a peak capacity of 2.1 Bcf/d. The transmission system operates high-pressure pipelines up to 1,100 psig and utilizes pipelines up to 30 inches in diameter.

OGT offers both intrastate and NGPA 311 transportation services.

The pipeline system is connected to six underground storage facilities, 35 processing plants and 130 producing fields within the state. In addition to this connected supply, OGT has 12 interstate pipeline interconnects and six intrastate pipeline interconnects.


Name Phone
Scheduling Hotline 800-340-2750
Scheduling Email
Ice Chat Handle: Oneok_Intra_scheduling
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Operational Accounting
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Gas Control
ONEOK Gas Transportation 918-588-7294