Learn About ONEOK Internships

Interns receive challenging and exciting project assignments, as well as opportunities to network with other interns and employees. Students who show integrity, initiative and a strong commitment to learning will enjoy the most success in their internship experience at ONEOK.

What majors does ONEOK consider for internship opportunities?

Students in their sophomore or junior year at a university majoring in:

  • Engineering
  • Accounting
  • Business, Finance, Economics or Energy Management
  • Management Information Systems, Computer Science or related Information Technology major 
  • Human Resources
  • Corporate Communications, Investor Relations or Government Affairs
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Health and Safety
  • Construction Management
  • Related Disciplines

Students at a technical school majoring in:

  • Plant Process Technology
  • Instrumentation and Electrical Technology
  • Instrumentation and Control Technology
  • Power Plant Technology
  • Corrosion Technology, Pipeline Integrity or related major
  • Natural Gas Compression Technology
  • Diesel Technology
  • Industrial Maintenance

Where will my ONEOK internship be located?

Most interns for Accounting, Information Technology, Commercial and other corporate functions will work at ONEOK’s headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma; however, depending on your major and the company’s needs, you may have the opportunity to be located in Texas, Kansas, North Dakota or another area where the company operates. Engineering and Technical School interns typically work in field operations locations.

What Will I Learn and Experience?

Summer internships offer students the opportunity to learn about their assigned department. Over a 10- to 12-week period, interns will have exposure to on-the-job assignments, project work, job shadowing and developing presentations. This is the type of work that might be encountered in a full-time position at ONEOK.

What is the ONEOK Recruitment Process for Interns?

Most of our summer intern positions are filled during the fall university recruiting season. Positions will be posted online and applications will be accepted starting in late August. ONEOK representatives attend career fairs and students are interviewed on campus. Additional interviews may be conducted prior to selecting students for internship offers.

ONEOK visits several university campuses, including: Oklahoma State University, University of Oklahoma, University of Tulsa, Langston University, Oral Roberts University and South Dakota School of Mines. We participate in a variety of on campus activities like career fairs, information sessions and on campus interviews.

Technical intern positions are filled during the spring and fall recruiting seasons. Positions will be posted online and ONEOK representatives will attend career fairs and conduct on-campus interviews. ONEOK visits several technical schools, including Oklahoma State Institute of Technology-Okmulgee, Seward County Community College, Texas State Technical College, Bismarck State College and Montana State University-Billings.