Just Graduated

If you are graduating soon and looking for a smooth transition from the classroom to the professional working world, take a look at ONEOK’s trainee program.

Learn about the ONEOK Trainee Program

ONEOK’s trainee program for recent university graduates is a great way to smoothly transition from the classroom to the professional working world. With a group of other recent graduates, you will learn how ONEOK’s businesses operate during our three week program. You will gain valuable on-the-job experience and insight from a variety of subject-matter experts. The program is a thorough introduction to our company’s diverse business segments and company culture.

ONEOK's Trainee Program is:

  • Designed to jump-start your productivity
  • A way to learn about the variety of opportunities at ONEOK
  • An opportunity to develop relationships and network with employees
  • Intended to enhance your long-term value and demonstrate ONEOK’s commitment to your success

What Will I Learn and Experience?

  • The guidance and information you’ll need to begin your career at ONEOK
  • Site visit to a ONEOK field location that is representative of our business segments
  • Collaboration with specific business segments in coordinating presentations and project assignments

Where Will My ONEOK Trainee Position Be Located?

The summer trainee program is based in Tulsa, Oklahoma and participants will spend approximately three weeks working together and learning about the business. ONEOK hires for positions across our asset footprint and job postings will indicate the location of the assignment. Hiring decisions are based on the company’s needs, your interests and where your talents will make the biggest impact.

Please note: Members of the trainee class should be aware of their first regular, full-time assignment upon their arrival in June.

What Is the ONEOK Recruitment Process for Trainees?

Trainees are full-time hires that are recent graduates; winter and/or summer employment (based on the student’s graduation date) is typically offered in the fall recruiting season of the previous year. Positions will be posted online and applications will be accepted starting in late August. Students are interviewed on campus or onsite at a ONEOK office location; additional interviews may be conducted prior to making final hiring decisions.

ONEOK visits several university campuses, including: Oklahoma State University, University of Oklahoma, University of Tulsa, Langston University, Oral Roberts University and South Dakota School of Mines. We participate in a variety of on campus activities like career fairs, information sessions and on campus interviews.