Our Process

Learn How to Apply for ONEOK Positions and What our Interview Process Entails

Once your application is received, ONEOK recruiters will review your qualifications. If you meet the qualifications hiring leaders are looking for, your resume will be submitted for further review. We may schedule a phone interview to learn more about your experience. If selected for a face-to-face interview, we will contact you to schedule an on-site meeting at our offices in Tulsa, Oklahoma, or the corresponding area.

ONEOK Conducts Behavior-based Interviews

Job interviews can nerve-racking and intimidating. Our process is designed to identify the candidates who best fit our organization’s goals and objectives. At ONEOK, we employ a behavioral- or competency-based interview style. Behavioral-based interviews are not as scary as they sound. This style of interview gives you an opportunity to reflect on and showcase your skills, ability and knowledge by using specific examples from your experience.