The Uncommon Candidate: Key Qualities for Job Seekers

Qualifications and capabilities are always high on an interviewer’s list, says James Caan in his post on LinkedIn. But candidates who possess four key qualities will always be in demand.

"There have actually been times when I have brought people into my business purely because they had these qualities. They weren't necessarily the most qualified on paper, but they ticked the right boxes in terms of character," writes Caan.

If you can show potential employers you have the following qualities, in addition to the required skills and experience, you almost certainly will stand out.

Ambition – Where do you see yourself in five years? There’s a reason interviewers ask candidates about their  futures: to assess their level of ambition. Successful companies with big goals look for like-minded employees who are wired for success.

Initiative – Are you a self-starter? Candidates who have the initiative to organize their workload and go about their business without the need for constant supervision are in short supply. That personal drive and professionalism are  key components of a successful organization and set a good example for other employees.

Commitment – Can you demonstrate a past commitment to a project, a job or a company? Even a hobby you enjoy or volunteer activities show your dedication. Employers look for individuals who take pride in a job well done, who will go the extra mile and are willing to commit their time and attention.

Personality – Be yourself. Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through so your interviewer can see who you really are. The best companies are the most diverse: a mix of personalities, backgrounds, experiences and ideas.