From the Classroom to the Real World

ONEOK interns get real-world job experience related to their degree field. That may include challenging assignments, project work and job shadowing opportunities, among other things. Our goal is to give interns some insight into what a full-time position at ONEOK entails.

Typically, 20 to 40 students from universities across our operating footprint are admitted to the program each year. We are particularly interested in students majoring in engineering, accounting, management information systems, computer science, business, construction science, environmental, safety and health, and related disciplines.

We look for students who share our company’s core values, have a solid work ethic, are team players with positive attitudes, integrity and initiative, and have a strong interest in learning about our company and our business.

But it’s not all work and no play. Interns participate in team building, community service and networking activities, and opportunities to engage with senior management.

Our Internship Program feeds the ONEOK Trainee Program, which provides recently hired graduates a broad exposure to ONEOK, helping to jumpstart their productivity in their new roles. Trainees learn about operations, government relations, human resources, accounting, information technology and various other departments. A field trip for a first-hand look at our assets helps them connect the dots and apply what they’ve learned as they work on a special project to conclude the program and assume their full-time positions.

Coming from my internship into ONEOK’s trainee program was a definite advantage. My internship provided a base of midstream industry knowledge. Then the training program showcased all of the different groups at ONEOK, which gave me a better understanding of how my specific role fits into the company. I was also able to identify other areas of interest within the company.
                                                         – Dylan Foxworth
                                                         Scheduler, Natural Gas Gathering and Processing

Both programs have been a part of ONEOK’s overall recruiting efforts for many years.