ONEOK Fall Recruiting: Coming Soon to a Campus Near You

On-campus recruiting is in full swing. Check out ONEOK’s event calendar and brush up on these tips for conquering a career fair. Remember, you won’t get a second chance to make a good first impression.

  1. Polish your resume. Carefully proofread your resume, bring several copies with you to share with employer representatives and be prepared to discuss your qualifications. Your goal is to connect with recruiters, learn more about companies of interest and build relationships. Use this opportunity to be more than just a name on a resume.

  2. Practice your “elevator speech.” Prepare a brief narrative outlining your educational background, related experience and professional interests.

  3. Fly solo. These events can be daunting but resist the urge to travel in a pack with friends. Working the room by yourself allows prospective employers to focus on you. Don’t be shy; introduce yourself.

  4. Tell your story. Expect recruiters to ask you questions. Come prepared with a few stories about an event or project that illustrate your ability to perform the job.

  5. Ask thoughtful questions. Keep the conversation going by asking questions: What qualifications make a candidate stand out? Describe a typical day for this position. What do you like best about working for this company? How should I follow up with you?

  6. Ask for contact information. Remember to pick up a directory at the entrance of the fair, which lists contact information for each of the organizations at the event. If one isn’t available, ask recruiters for their business cards at the booths you visit.