Recruiter Spotlight: Kate Montgomery

Kate Montgomery_ed Kate Montgomery - Recruiter

Kate Montgomery is a University of Tulsa graduate who began her recruiting career at a large exploration and production company. That’s where she discovered that helping companies to connect on campus and recruit university talent is “the best job!” At ONEOK, Kate leads our intern program and continues to recruit university and technical school graduates.

What types of positions do you recruit for and where?
I recruit for intern and full-time trainee positions in Tulsa and various field location positions in IT, accounting, commercial (business), engineering and environmental. I also recruit for technical field intern plant operators, pipeline operators, mechanics, instrumentation technicians and corrosion technicians.

Why did you come to work for ONEOK?
Working for a company invested in Tulsa was important to me, and ONEOK is well-known for its community involvement. Tulsa has grown into a cool city in the last few years. Downtown has been revitalized with nightlife and restaurants. There are more new places to try than I have time to check out! It is a city that feels alive and growing.

Why do you think people should join the ONEOK team?
ONEOK is a stable company that cares about its employees and the communities where we operate. There is plenty of opportunity to make your career your own. It’s easy to get involved and get to know your fellow employees through our diversity and inclusion events, Women’s Resource Group, mentoring programs and more.

What do you like about working at ONEOK?
I like who I work with here at ONEOK! It makes a big difference knowing I’m accepted and respected when I walk into work every day. The work is also challenging and fulfilling. My role exposes me to many different people within the organization.

What surprised you most about ONEOK when you came to work here?
It feels like a family. We are a company of almost 2,400 employees, with about 1,000 in Tulsa alone, but you start to feel like you know everyone. Not a day goes by that I don’t see someone I know on the elevator or walking to lunch.

What advice would you offer to job seekers?
Ask questions! Coming to an interview or career booth with smart and engaging questions is refreshing for our recruiters. Have your resume prepared with basics: your school, major, graduation date, community and campus involvement, etc. And don’t be nervous! I know that’s easier said than done, but we’re all just people trying to connect.

When you’re reviewing applications or interviewing, what makes a candidate stand out for you?
I look for candidates who clearly and concisely explain on their resumes their extracurricular activities on or off  campus. Be ready to talk about your accomplishments and activities at career fairs. It is a time to sell yourself! As for interviews, I recommend students look up behavior-based interview questions beforehand and practice their answers. Our goal is to learn how your past experiences and behaviors might be applicable to the job you’re applying for.

Anything else you would like to add?
If you’re an undergraduate and unsure of how to get involved with community or campus activities, I recommend reaching out to your school’s career services department and your academic/program advisors.