Why Your Job Application May Not Be Getting the Attention It Deserves

You’ve applied everywhere and yet no hiring managers are calling. Frustrating, yes, but not uncommon says Peter Jones of TheJobNetwork. Here are a few reasons why your resume may not be connecting with recruiters.

  1. You’re applying only to online sites and job boards.
    Here’s a little-known fact: Nearly 80 percent of job openings are never advertised online. Consider focusing your time and attention on networking to uncover opportunities before they are posted online.

  2. Your resume is too general.
    Invest the time it takes to specifically target your resume to the position you want. Matching your skills and experience to the job requirements highlights your qualifications and connects the dots for hiring managers.    

  3. Your resume lacks keywords.
    Recruiters using online tracking systems rely on keywords in resumes to search for suitable candidates. Improve your chances of being found by including the job posting’s exact words, phrases and qualifications in your resume or application.

  4. Your social media presence is working against you.
    A quick scan of a candidate’s social media activities is a common practice among hiring managers. Make sure your social media presence is a positive reflection that’s free of inappropriate or objectionable content.