The ONEOK Summer 2017 Internship Experience

I would run out of room if I tried to explain in detail the positive impact this company had on all of us as interns this summer, and the impact we all felt we made in our assigned departments. For this post, I interviewed interns in several departments to get a deeper look into the ONEOK internship experience.

ONEOK would not be what it is today without engineers. Ainsley Daniel, senior at the University of Oklahoma, worked in the Mechanical Integrity department, while University of Tulsa senior Courtney Neumann worked in Natural Gas Liquids.

Pipeline“Engineering is a male-dominated profession, but at ONEOK, I had the opportunity to meet with many talented female engineers and gain knowledge from their experiences and work ethic,” said Daniel. “I have heard from every intern I spoke with about ONEOK’s inclusive culture and its impact on the company’s success. Many operators and engineers work together to ensure that projects are done right and meet code.”

“ONEOK takes the time to focus on the accuracy and precision of its projects, and treat customers right, which is something I respect,” said Neumann.

 In the Treasury and Finance departments, Don Cing, Rob Jennings and Kaylonna Gill felt they gained valuable experience for their future careers. Cing also feels strongly about ONEOK’s company culture saying, “as someone of a different ethnic background, I never felt left out or different.”

This internship allowed Cing to immerse himself into the Accounting and Finance departments.

“I’ve gained the skills to delegate and prioritize different tasks,” he said. “I also have learned more about midstream companies, which will always be a helpful experience.”

Jennings said, “I was able to see how theoretical concepts discussed in a classroom are actually applied in a corporate environment.”

One of Gill’s favorite things about her internship was the applicable work she was given.

“My supervisor, gave me tasks that were extremely relevant and challenging,” she said. “This pushed me to my full potential. I could see the direct value and contribution I was providing to the Tax department.”

Building strong relationships is a part of ONEOK’s culture and a main goal of the Commercial department. Patrick Bass, Drew Bigger, Sam Kemper and Austin Cotner all worked on different projects within the department.

Bass said, “Teamwork makes the dream work. My team did not mind serving as my 24/7 hotline when I had a plethora of questions. The Commercial department allowed me to utilize and approach material from many different angles, whether I was looking at terminal decline rates of wells or the economics of them.”

“We noticed the quality of service ONEOK provides,” Cotner said. “The Commercial group deals with customers on a daily basis, which means we (interns) are helping to give our customers the best service and providing them with the highest-quality products.”

As you can see from the responses I received, ONEOK’s core values permeated our internship experience and left quite the impression on us. With teambuilding activities, weekly lunch-and-learn sessions and many hands-on opportunities, every intern is leaving ONEOK with new skills for our future careers. Thank you, ONEOK from all of us!


This post was written by ONEOK Communications intern Caroline Reynolds, a senior advertising student at the University of Oklahoma.