Recruiter Spotlight: Jamie Kalanick

 Jamie Kalanick

Jamie has a background in sales and sales management. After college, she worked as a business consultant for a company that franchised restaurants to Montana convenience stores. Next, she took the leap into telecommunications as a regional retail store manager, where she honed her sales and leadership skills. Then, in 2015, she joined ONEOK as a recruiter.       

What types of positions do you recruit for and where?
Currently, I recruit for positions primarily located in the Bakken area of western North Dakota and eastern Montana. I fill positions for plant operators, pipeline operators, instrumentation and electronic technicians, mechanics and engineers.

Tell us about working/living in the region where you recruit.
The region I work in is very rural, with pros and cons that present some unique challenges. You have the beauty of big skies and wildlife, but you’re hours away from malls and city life. The Bakken is the fastest-growing area of the company, and we continually look for candidates who want to quickly make their mark. I have to say, I get to work with the best group of leaders. They sincerely want to help each person learn, grow and further their careers.

Why do you think people should join the ONEOK team?
ONEOK is invested in and dedicated to its employees. ONEOK treats you as if it’s a privilege to have you on board; not the other way around. We are a company focused on safety and making sure each employee goes home safely every night. There are lots of opportunities for advancement and we offer great benefits. 

What surprised you most about ONEOK when you came to work here?
I was impressed with how much training is available. A lot of places say your career is what you make of it, but ONEOK puts its money where its mouth is. If you want to learn and advance, and are willing to put in the effort, the company will support you through training and programs.

What advice would you offer to job seekers?
I think a lot of job seekers forget the basics of the job search. Make sure your resume has no spelling errors. Have a professional email address, and remember to include it and your phone number on your resume, and make sure they are correct. When you leave messages, leave your name and number. And most of all, be honest. If you were fired from your last job, don’t hide it. 

When you’re reviewing applications or interviewing, what makes a candidate stand out for you?
For me, applicants who stand out describe what they actually did for a company in their role, not what the expectations were for that role. For instance, if your resume says you did payroll, that tells me only what the company expected of you, not what you did to facilitate that. What did you do while processing the payroll?

Anything else you would like to add?
Ask someone to look over your resume. A pair of fresh eyes may catch an error you missed.