Can’t Spell ‘INTERNS’ without ‘I.T.’

ONEOK’s Information Technology department provides technology services in a safe, reliable and efficient manner that enables internal and external customers to meet their goals and objectives. Seven interns were chosen, based on their skills and experience, to be part of the IT department. This summer, they put their teamwork skills to the test to complete a large-scale project that will be used in future application integrations.


The interns began their summer with a practice project and a teambuilding exercise which helped build their problem-solving and collaboration skills. These activities prepared them for their integration project they started in June.

“I have already learned numerous new skills since beginning my internship, including SQL and GIT/source control,” intern Kathryn said.


Others added that they are gaining knowledge of Maven, CONFIG files, JAR files, shell scripting, database management, message queues, Java, crontab and integration concepts.

“ONEOK, like other organizations, uses several different databases and systems. Communication between these systems is a challenge. For example, if the Human Resources department changes an employee’s name who has recently married, it does not apply this name change across all systems automatically. In order to make this an easier process, we are creating an application that will take changes in one system and distribute them across all systems relevant to that change,” intern Tali explained.


“There are six other IT interns and we definitely work as a team. At first, I was nervous because I did not know how well we would work together. Once we dove into the material, we realized that we have a great team and we all bring unique skill sets to the table. We each have different strengths and weaknesses, which help us in our problem solving,” Lauren stated.


The team continues to make progress on their project that will be presented to each team member’s supervisors and mentors, as well as a portion of the IT Department, the chief information officer and other interns on August 2.

Every semester is different, but the goal is the same: Provide interns the opportunity to work side by side with employees to gain exposure to a career in their discipline and experience some of the many opportunities ONEOK offers.

This post was written by ONEOK Communications intern Caroline Reynolds, a senior advertising student at the University of Oklahoma.