Recruiter Spotlight: David Martin

David Martin_thumb  David Martin

Tell us about working/living in the region where you work.
I live and work in Tulsa, and throughout my career, I have mostly focused on bringing people here. I love the music, arts and culture Tulsa has to offer. There’s always something to do. It has the feel of a large city but without all of the traffic. And the cost of living is incredible.

Why do you think people should join the ONEOK team?
Our senior leadership believes in their people. People have always been the number one focus for our company, and I appreciate that I have an opportunity to work and grow in a company that is working for me.

What advice would you offer to job seekers?
Look for opportunities at ONEOK that match your background and skills. Be strategic about what you apply for, and make the most of each application. Don’t just apply for every job posted and hope for the best. If you don’t have comparable experience, look for entry-level roles that occasionally become available.

When you’re reviewing applications or interviewing, what makes a candidate stand out for you?
The obvious answer is experience, but beyond that is work history, comparable jobs and a resume that is easy to read and complete with highlights of what the candidate has done.

What is the most common misstep you see candidates make?
The most common mistake I see is people applying for jobs they’re not qualified for. ONEOK frequently has opportunities available for people with no experience in the oil and natural gas industry – pipeline controllers and pipeline operators, for example. These positions are a chance to come into the company and learn the business from the ground up. If you are interested in working for ONEOK, be strategic in how you go about applying.