Why Dads Make Great Employees

Last month we posted “Why Mom’s Make Great Employees” in recognition of Mother’s Day. This month, it is dad’s turn! We asked our employees to nominate ONEOK Fantastic Fathers in celebration of Father’s Day. After reviewing submissions, we found that a common characteristic of nominated dads is their dedication, just like we found with nominated mothers. Research done by the founders of tend lab suggests parents make better employees despite the common assumption that parents are distracted and less committed to their jobs. Being a parent requires strength in areas such as time management and problem solving skills, which can come in handy in the workplace. What is it about dad’s specifically that make them great employees? Here is what we found:

Focus – Recently, this video of a dad being interrupted at work, took over the internet. The interview went viral mainly due to the child’s dancing and mother’s attempt to resolve the situation, but it is really quite impressive how composed the professor remained. He barely registers the commotion and was ready to answer the next question as soon as it was asked. Dads have the extraordinary ability to focus on the task at hand no matter what is going on around them. Take an emergency phone call in the stands of a baseball game? No problem. Write a clear and concise email on a smart phone, standing at a noisy job site? You bet. When focus is key to the success of a project, call in a dad!

Dependability – Dads also are notoriously dependable. From a flat tire to an important deadline, you can be sure a dad will be there. “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”

Supportive – Dads have a unique way of empowering those around them. They are able to find strengths in others that may go unnoticed even by the individual themselves. Because of this, when working in a team, they are great delegators who assign tasks based on people’s strengths. Dads want everyone to succeed and try hard to make that a reality.

Whether you are a biological dad, adoptive dad or a dog/cat dad, we bet you possess these valuable qualities. ONEOK is committed to recruiting and maintaining a diverse workforce, and we appreciate these qualities. So pat yourself on the back, dads. We appreciate you!