Why Moms Make Great Employees

We asked our employees to nominate Outstanding ONEOK Moms in celebration of Mother’s Day. After receiving several submissions, we noticed a common theme in the recommendations: dedication, not just to their families but also to their co-workers, their jobs and, ultimately, to our company. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, 70 percent of women with children under age 18 are working, and 35 percent of them have children under age 3. So what is it about moms that make them great employees? Here is what we found:

Flexibility + Problem Solving Skills – Moms are used to thinking on their feet. Nothing ever goes as planned when children are involved, so when something goes wrong in the office, you know who will have ideas on how to resolve any issue.

Inclusivity –  Moms have a way of making everyone feel included. Whether you are the expert or the intern, everyone’s opinion is valued by the co-worker mom. Children are notorious for their honest opinions and thinking outside of the box. Knowing this all too well, moms are likely to appreciate new suggestions. They also have patience . . . lots of patience.

Determination – As we note above, parenting requires a lot of patience. It also requires determination. We all remember when we didn’t want to eat our dinner. Many of us thought we could outlast mom in the battle of “eat your vegetables,” only to find ourselves now eating salads at our desk at least once a week. Many mothers are able to harness that same determination to see work projects through, no matter how many roadblocks they encounter.

Whether you are a biological mom, adoptive mom, dog/cat mom or just the “mom” of your friend group, we bet you possess these valuable qualities. ONEOK is committed to recruiting and maintaining a diverse workforce, and we appreciate these qualities. So pat yourself on the back, working moms. We appreciate you!

Don’t worry dads, we are building a list of your great qualities, too!