Talent Acquisition and Fantasy Football


You probably know by now whether you have a winning fantasy football team or a losing team.

If yours is a losing team, where did you go wrong? Was it giving too much weight to stats? Did you rush your decisions? Did you fail to research?

If you have a winning team, did you just get lucky or did you apply recruitment techniques to build a well-rounded team?

Yes, fantasy football and recruiting top talent for a business share a lot of similarities. As a fantasy football team manager, your goal is to get the best football players on your team – a business recruiter’s goal is to hire the brightest and the best for his or her organization. Let’s explore the similarities:

#1 Research. You do it as a fantasy team owner and recruiters do it all the time.  Every player has statistics based on past performance: rushing yards, receiving yards, passing yards, touchdowns per game, etc. Stats determine ranking. In recruiting for businesses, stats are sometimes less scientific. For example, a candidate’s experience, performance and career accomplishments.

Recruiters and hiring managers use phone interviews, reference checks, behavioral interviews and pre-employment checks to build a picture of a candidate’s past performance. After all of the data is compiled and evaluated, the hiring manager can make an educated decision on who to draft.

#2 Competition. Chances are, your top player/candidate is someone else’s as well. Fantasy football is all about competition for players who will make the biggest impact on a team. The hiring process can be competitive, too. Applicants compete against other qualified individuals to get offered the position. Hiring managers compete against other companies to secure the best talent. They may have several candidates to pursue and each of them may have multiple companies interested in them. Candidates and hiring managers need to be mindful that, just like fantasy football, the competition is fierce.

#3 Investment. The point of all of this effort is to build a winning team, right? Yes! Recruiters and hiring managers are invested in the success of the teams they help build, just as you are invested in your fantasy team. Both take the process seriously and want not only the company to be successful, but also the candidate placed in the best possible situation to be successful.

So whether you are winning or losing the fantasy football game, think of it as perfecting your teambuilding skills. Maybe even add it to your resume … kidding. But do keep these similarities in mind if you are a hiring manager, recruiter or job seeker. You never know when these fantasy recruiting skills will come in handy in the real world.


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