College Recruiting Season Kicks Off with Help of Employee Recruiters

It’s college football AND college recruiting season! While you may be more excited about the first, isn’t it exciting to “score” your future career? We think so. Here at ONEOK, college recruiters visit 11 university and technical school campuses each fall, some locations multiple times. That is a lot of ground to cover, so we called in a play to our “special teams”: employees!

ONEOK employees representing a range of disciplines, degrees and alma maters volunteer to attend the career fairs to talk with students and review resumes. For example, engineering-focused events are staffed by ONEOK employees with engineering backgrounds from various departments. This provides an opportunity for you to engage with ONEOK employees currently in a role specific to that field. You can  also ask questions  about career paths, our company culture and our great benefits.

Look at the excitement our employees bring:

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If you are a college student interested in meeting these employee recruiters at a job fair, here is our upcoming schedule. (Click for more)

 Job Fairs

Tip: Check their name tag! Ribbons will indicate if they are an alum. Thank you to our college recruiters and employee recruiters for scoring a touchdown with this program! See you on the recruiting field!