#WomeninSTEM - Making History at ONEOK

March is Women’s History Month, and we would be remiss if we did not highlight some of the women that make ONEOK and our industry what it is today. The energy sector is considered a male-dominated industry. Several women at ONEOK are working to change that.




Susan Crenshaw, supervisor, engineering, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, said the lack of opportunities available to women before her is not lost on her. "It is hard to be what you cannot see," she says, “which is why I volunteer for many science, technology and math (STEM) related activities.” She hopes by volunteering her time and sharing her experiences, she is showing students, especially female students, that a career in STEM fields is attainable…and rewarding!





Ariele Brownfield, process engineer in Mont Belvieu, Texas, said in a video interview that, “60 percent of college graduates are female, but only 3 percent of the world’s leaders are female. We definitely have a long way to go… but I feel like I am respected in my role, just like any other person.”






Jennifer Simmons, operations engineer in Mont Belvieu, Texas, furthers the others’ sentiments saying, “The more females we get in roles that are outside of the stereotypical, the better we will be.”  







In Sidney, Montana, Heather VanGelder, community relations coordinator, feels passionate about diversity and inclusion, saying that “having as many different people, backgrounds, ideas as possible at the table working together is the key to success in this industry.”


At ONEOK, 20 percent of our management and nonmanagement level employees are women, and that number grows daily. We are proud to have women like Susan, Ariele, Jennifer and Heather championing the movement to increase female presence in STEM-related industries.

We cannot wait to see the additional impact these women, and all women at ONEOK, have on our industry and our company.