Corporate Responsibility

Doing the Right Thing. Our values and commitment to protecting the environment, our employees and the public guide our business and behavior every day.

Protection and preservation of the environment, the safety and health of our employees, contractors, customers and the public are our chief concerns.

Read our latest Corporate Responsibility Report here.

ONEOK Community Investments

ONEOK is committed to being active members in our communities and has a dedicated Community Investments department to foster partnerships between our company, its employees and the community. Investing in the areas where we have operations and where our employees live and work is not only the right thing to do – it’s smart business. By contributing financially and through volunteer work, we can help build stronger communities and create a better environment for our employees, customers and the general public. We accomplish this in a number of ways, including grants and pledges from the ONEOK Foundation, corporate contributions and volunteer efforts for charitable organizations.

Our goal is to make strategic investments that align with our values and corporate goals, while at the same time cultivating mutually beneficial community relationships and creating leadership opportunities for our employees. In return, we hope to be recognized as a good corporate citizen and for our employees to be proud to work for a company that supports the community and their efforts to make a difference.