ONEOK Plaza, Tulsa, OK

myQuorum Access Instructions for Natural Gas Pipelines

ONEOK Intrastate Natural Gas Pipelines is pleased to announce an upgrade to our natural gas pipeline transaction system, myQuorum. We will transition to the web-based version of the platform starting at 10 p.m., August 28, 2020, and extending through the weekend. The upgrade will feature a refreshed site design and improved accessibility. It also will include updated processes using electronic contracting and scheduling system updates, such as a new nomination overrun procedure.

Existing users’ login information and access will not change for myQuorum.  

To add a new user or change access for a current user, including adding electronic contracting security functionality for designated users in myQuorum, please complete these required steps:

1. Execute and return the Electronic Systems Access Agreement (ESAA) to  

  • Only one ESAA per company (“Subscriber”) is required.
  • A single ESAA may cover the Subscriber and its affiliates. Please provide a list of affiliates if multiple legal entities will be covered under a single ESAA.
  • Electronic signatures are accepted when completing the ESAA.
  • Regarding the ESAA's signature block: Your company will complete the Subscriber information. Please leave the Company signature block blank for ONEOK to complete.


2. Complete and return the Subscriber Administrator Designation Form (Administrator Form) to

  • A Subscriber may designate multiple administrators; please submit a separate Administrator Form for each administrator.
  • For each administrator, please provide a list of affiliates served by the designated administrator.
  • Electronic signatures are accepted when completing the Administrator Form.
  • Two authorized signatures are required on the Administrator Form: the Subscriber Administrator and the Authorized Subscriber Representative.
    • If the designated administrator is an authorized representative of your company, they may sign both lines. If the designated administrator is not an authorized representative, elevate the form to an appropriate representative within your company for signature.


3. After receiving a Subscriber’s executed ESAA and Administrator Form, the designated administrator(s) will be sent: 

  • An invitation to the new Administrator Portal.
  • A list of Subscriber's current users and contacts.


The Administrator Portal allows the designated administrator to manage their company's user notifications and security access by submitting access requests.

  • Add new users.
  • Remove users.
  • Change current users' notifications and security access.
    • Add new electronic contracting security functionality for users who have the appropriate authority to:
      • Execute service orders electronically in myQuorum and/or
      • Receive RFS notifications emails, as well as access the RFS Approvals screen.


Please complete these steps at your earliest convenience to ensure that all users are set up with appropriate access for ONEOK’s transition to myQuorum. Contact or if you have questions about this new electronic contracting process.