Energy Improving Life

Delivering Energy That Makes a Difference

As a leading midstream energy service provider, ONEOK plays a vital role in transporting the natural gas and NGLs that help meet global energy demand and touch our lives every day. The energy products we transport are used to heat homes, generate electricity and create end-use products that power healthier, safer and more connected lives.

Natural Gas

As the lowest-emission hydrocarbon-based fuel, natural gas plays a critical role in our daily lives, producing inexpensive, reliable and clean energy. Natural gas provides nearly half of American households with dependable home heating and cooking. Over the past decade and a half, natural gas has driven significant emission reductions in U.S. power generation by replacing higher-emission fuels used to produce electricity.

Natural gas transportation and services are an integral part of our business strategy.

More than10 Billion cubic feet per day, or approximately 10% of U.S. natural gas production, is reliant on ONEOK's infrastructure.

Natural Gas Liquids

NGLs – ethane, propane, butane, isobutane and natural gasoline – are low-emission hydrocarbons frequently produced along with natural gas and crude oil. NGLs have many end-uses, from home heating and transportation fuel to feedstocks for a range of products that help protect public health, improve our quality of life and promote economic growth.

More About NGLs... Did You Know?

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, NGLs and the products created from them have been vital to addressing public health concerns. Propane and ethane, for example, serve as feedstocks to produce end-use healthcare items such as surgical and oxygen masks, gloves, sterile packaging, ventilators, syringes and many other items critical to front-line workers.

Recyclable food packaging, created with NGL-based feedstocks, helps create longer shelf lives for products and reduce food waste. NGLs also play an important role in contributing to lighter weight vehicle components, greatly improving fuel efficiency, and are used to produce electric vehicle batteries.