Mont Belvieu fractionation facility, Mont Belvieu, TX

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain

ONEOK works with our suppliers to communicate and help them understand our commitment to sustainability, safety and ethical behaviors. We communicate our values and commitments to operate safely and in an environmentally responsible manner with our suppliers and contractors through our supplier letters and our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics. ONEOK engages with our suppliers on an annual basis in regards to supplier expectations. Additionally, Tier 1 suppliers, which reflect approximately two-thirds of our expenditures, are requested to acknowledge ONEOK’s supplier expectations.

We seek to evaluate supplier and contractor sustainability performance, workforce policies and commitments to human rights to promote alignment with our own commitments to these operating principles.

ONEOK has implemented a robust risk-management program for evaluating environmental standards and ethical practices internally and actively seeks to improve evaluation of our suppliers. Sustainable supply chain management is a priority for the organization with the goal of continuous improvement and risk mitigation.

Domestic Purchasing Practices 

ONEOK values supporting American jobs and domestic manufacturing. We have longstanding procurement practices that prioritize buying American-made products. Our domestic purchasing expectations are communicated to suppliers in our sourcing requests, seeking to prioritize American manufactured products versus other options. This purchasing practice applies to a broad range of products and materials, including, but not limited to, pipe, valves, process unit equipment and safety equipment. Although factors such as cost, availability, quality and schedule impacts are considered in the sourcing decisions we make, annually more than 95% of ONEOK’s spend is domestically sourced.