ONEOK Plaza, Tulsa, OK


Our board of directors and management are committed to maintaining strong corporate governance practices that promote and protect the long-term interests of our investors. Our corporate governance practices are designed not only to satisfy regulatory and stock exchange requirements but also to provide for effective oversight and management of our company.

The board is actively involved in overseeing, reviewing and guiding our corporate strategies. The board regularly reviews our company's business strategies, including an in-depth evaluation of the risks and opportunities facing our company and its businesses, at an annual strategic-planning session. 

In addition, long-range strategic issues, including the performance, strategic fit and operational safety of our businesses, are discussed as a matter of course at regular board meetings. Members regularly discuss corporate strategy throughout the year with management. The board views risk management and oversight as an integral part of our strategic-planning process, including mapping key risks to our corporate strategy and seeking to manage and mitigate risk.



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