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Pasadena, TX Terminal (MVP Terminalling, LLC)


  • Located in Pasadena, TX along the Houston Ship Channel
  • Storage Capacity: 5.5 million barrels
  • Products: Gasolines, Diesel Fuels, Jet Fuel, Denatured Fuel Ethanol and Gasoline Blendstocks
  • 2 LR-Class ship docks, 1 truck loading rack
  • Waterside ship services are permitted, details are provided within the Terminal’s Terminal Information Guide
  • Direct pipeline connections to multiple refinery origins along the Houston Ship Channel, Texas City and Port Arthur
  • Supply access to the Magellan Pipeline Company, LP South System as well as Colonial and Explorer Pipelines from virtually any Gulf Coast Refinery
  • Foreign-Trade Zone
SB101019 MAGhouston 78542

Contact Information:

Marine Logistics:

Telephone: 713-353-8432


Marine Vetting:


Commercial Inquiries:

Telephone: 918-574-7325