Aviation Turbine Fuel

Testing and certification of jet fuel products is available in accordance with ASM D1655.

Method Test  Volume Required (ml)
D3242 Acid Number (Aviation Turbine Fuel) 200
D2622 Sulfur (XRF) 25
D2624 Electrical Conductivity 100
Predicted D86 by D2887 Predicted D86 (Distillation, Simulated by GC) 50
D4052 API Gravity or Relative Density 50
D5972 Freezing Point of Aviation Fuel (°C) 50
D3227 Mercaptan Sulfur 200
D3338 Net Heat of Combustion (Calculated) -
D1322 Smoke Point 50
D1840 Napthalene Hydrocarbons 5
D130 Corrosion, Copper Strip - 2 hrs @ 100°C 75
D3241 Thermal Oxidation Stability (JFTOT) 1000
IP540 Existent Gum 100
D3948 Microseperometer Rating (MSEP) 100 
D4176 (1) Visual Inspection Procedure 1 1000
BIO Biological Contamination of Fuel (Bacteria & Fungi) 500
D7463 Biological Contamination of Fuel (ATP) 500
D1094 Water Reaction 100
D3343 Hydrogen Content of Aviation Fuels (Calculated) -
D4176 (2) Haze Rating, Procedure 2 1000
D5006 Fuel System Icing Inhibitors 100
D5452 Particulate Cont. in Aviation Fuel 4000
D5453 Sulfur 10
D6304 Water in Petroleum Coulmetric Karl 100
D7797 Fame in Jet Fuel by FTIR 100
D86 (J) Jet Fuel Distillation °F 200
D8071 Aromatics - VUV 50
D8305  Total Aromatics & Naphthalenes in Jet Fuel  50
TM0172 TM 0172 NACE Corrosion 200
MIL-DTL-83133, Appendix C JP8 Particulate 4000
D7042  Dynamic Viscosity by Stabinger Viscometer 10

ONEOK tests jet fuels for numerous customers moving products through the terminal system and for third-party verification purposes.

We can supplement your oversight or quality assurance program, with customized testing packages and a variety of sampling/shipping options.

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