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Additive Services Information  

We offer many standard additives, which give customers a wide range of marketing and performance options at retail. The goal is to offer the additives that the market demands at treat rates, allowing our customers to deliver targeted performance to meet those demands. Base injection rate is one option for all additives, but custom treat rates can be set up at the customer’s request to achieve specific fuel outcomes, such as top tier or improved cold flow properties. 

In addition to the standard additives, we partner with many customers to install proprietary additive systems at various terminals across the ONEOK enterprise to aid in their ability to bring their branded and unbranded fuel to market.

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ONEOK Gasoline Additives


We can provide any level of detergency you may need; from the mandated injection rate to Top Tier or any extra branding need you may require.

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Diesel Additives

Cold Flow Improver (CFI)

ONEOK CFI has the capability to keep your engines from gelling in cold weather. Our base injection rate allows another 15 degrees colder weather operability from straight diesel.

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Performance Diesel Additive (PDA)

Our new diesel industry leading detergent formula not only cleans smaller diesel injectors to improve performance and economy but now offers a cetane boost. Three levels of injection cover all types of engine needs.

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Our Lubricity improves engine wear for all small to industrial engine applications. We treat to the limits specified by ASTM. We can also customize your rates to meet other specifications like those recommended by Engine Manufacturers Association.

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Red Dye

For domestic off-road applications we have the specified treat rate for DOT standards. We can also customize treat rates to meet any specification for export use.


Jet Additives

We provide a full slate of additives to meet the needs of Commercial and Military applications including DEICER / FSII and Stadis / Conductivity.

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