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Testing and certification of Ethanol products in compliance with ASTM D4806.

Method Test  Volume Required (ml)
D4052 API Gravity or Relative Density 50
D5501 Ethanol Purity 10
D381 Existent Gum (Air Jet) 100
E1064 Water in Ethanol, Coulometric Karl 50
D7319 Chloride & Existent Sulfate by Ion Chromatography 50
D1688 Copper by AA 50
D1613 Acidity in Ethanol 100
D6423 Determination of pHe of Ethanol 100
D5453 Sulfur 10
D4176 Visual Inspection 1000
D4951 Phosphorus (ICP) 100
D7795 Acidity in Ethanol and Ethanol Blends by Titration 100
TM0172 TM 0172 NACE Corrosion 200
D3231 Phosphorous 100
D7548 Determination of Accelerated Iron Corrosion in Petroleum Product 100


Method Test  Volume Required (ml)
D4052 API Gravity or Relative Density 50
D5453 Sulfur 10
D5580 Benzene, Toluene, Xylenes 50
D6550 Olefin Content of Gasoline 50

ONEOK certifies Ethanol from around the country to transfer product at transportation terminals, and for EPA / Tier-III compliance.

We can supplement your oversight or quality assurance program, with customized testing packages and a variety of sampling/shipping options.

For additional information on testing packages, pricing information and shipping options, contact Analytical Services Customer Support.

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