Bear Creek employee

Our Values

Lonesome Creek employee


Our actions are founded on trust, honesty, integrity and respect
through open communications and adherence to the highest
standards of personal, professional and business ethics.

Bushton, KS


Our commitment to quality drives us to continuously
improve in our quest for excellence.
MLK Parade, Tulsa, OK


We value diversity, the dignity and worth of each employee,
and believe that a diverse and inclusive workforce is critical
to our continued success.
Habitat for Humanity, Tulsa, OK


We are committed to creating value for all stakeholders – employees,
customers, investors and our communities – through the optimum
development and utilization of our resources.
Mont Belvieu fractionation facility, Mont Belvieu, TX


We provide responsive, flexible service to customers, and commit to
preserving the environment, providing a safe workplace and improving
the quality of life for employees where they live and work.



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