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Testing and certification of Biofuel products is available in accordance with ASTM D6751 or D7467.

Method Test  Volume Required (ml)
BIO Biological Contamination of Fuel (Bacteria & Fungi) 200
D1500 Color, ASTM 100
D156 Color, Saybolt 200
D2624 Electrical Conductivity 100
D2274 Oxidation Stability 100
D2709 Water and Sediment (Centrifuge) 200
D3227 Mercaptan Sulfur 200
D4052 API Gravity or Relative Density 50
D4176 Visual Inspection 1000
D5453 Sulfur 10
D5773 Cloud Point 35
D6079 HFRR 50
D613 Cetane Number 400
D6217 Part. Cont. in Middle Distillate 1000
D6304 Water in Petroleum Coulometric Karl Fischer 100
D6371 Cold Filter Plugging Point 100
D6584 Free and Total Glycerin in B-100 10
D664 Acid Number by Potentiometric Titrate 100
D7042 Dynamic Viscosity by Stabinger Viscometer 10
D7039 Sulfur Determination by X-Ray Flourescence 25
D7371 Determ of Biodiesel (FAME) Content 10
D7501 Cold Soak Filterability 500
D86(D) Distillate Distillation (°F) 200
D874 Sulfated Ash 200
D93 Flash (°C) 100
Drag Drag Reducer Polymer Content 100
EN15751 Rancimat @ 110°C Oxidation Stability 100
TM0172 TM0172 NACE Corrosion 200

ONEOK tests biofuels from producers around the country, for third-party verification, and unloading product at transportation terminals.

We can supplement your oversight or quality assurance program, with customized testing packages and a variety of sampling/shipping options.

For additional information on testing packages, pricing information and shipping options, contact Analytical Services Customer Support.

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