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Political Engagement

Our active participation in federal, state and local regulations and public policy decisions that affect our employees, business, customers and communities where we operate is essential to ONEOK's success.

ONEOK’s government relations department promotes policy consistent with our business objectives by communicating with and educating legislators, regulators and local officials about our business and industry.

Our representatives, including ONEOK lobbyists and contract lobbyists across our operating area, actively monitor legislative issues and administrative rule-makings in more than a dozen states and in Washington, D.C.

ONEOK, Inc. does not make corporate contributions to (1) political candidates, parties, committees or campaigns; (2) 527 groups (such as super PACs); or (3) 501(c)(4) organizations (or other tax exempt entities) formed for political purposes. In addition, in most circumstances ONEOK, Inc. will not make contributions designed to influence the outcome of ballot measures. However, ONEOK, Inc. has in the past, and may in the future, support or oppose specific ballot measures that could impact the company, its employees, assets or operations. In the event ONEOK, Inc. decides to support or oppose a particular ballot measure, the company will provide the appropriate disclosure of such support or opposition, including any corporate funds expended for that purpose. 

Trade Organization Memberships

ONEOK actively participates in or belongs to various business and industry trade organizations and advocacy groups that engage in political activities. Additionally, ONEOK officers and employees serve in leadership positions, including board members, in many of these associations.

ONEOK is involved in groups across our footprint and in Washington, D.C., including:

  • Interstate Natural Gas Association of America
  • Gas Processors Association
  • Association of Oil Pipelines
  • American Petroleum Institute

ONEOK also is a member of many state industry organizations in the areas where we operate. View the complete list.

Political Action Committee

ONEOK does not contribute corporate funds to political candidates but offers employees the opportunity to participate in the political process by contributing to the ONEOK, Inc. Employee Political Action Committee (ONEOK Employee PAC).

The ONEOK Employee PAC is a voluntary fund supported by ONEOK employees who choose to donate their time and money to support candidates running for federal, state and local offices who support the interests of the natural gas industry and business in general.

A steering committee made up of senior management representatives oversees all decisions and management of the ONEOK Employee PAC. A contribution committee made up of approximately 15 employees from across our operating areas oversees and approves all ONEOK Employee PAC contributions to political candidates.

The ONEOK Employee PAC is registered with the U.S. Federal Election Commission (FEC). It operates independently of any political party and complies with all reporting requirements of the FEC and state and local laws. 

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