Emergency Contacts

If you have a pipeline emergency, dial 911.

ONEOK’s Pipeline Control Center operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week and are there to respond to any emergency calls. Upon making an emergency call to Pipeline Control, the Controller will engage emergency responders and our field operations personnel who live nearest to the ONEOK pipeline.

If you are unsure whom to call, you may call the phone number on the closest pipeline marker or any number below and the ONEOK Controller will route the call to the pipeline controller's console who is monitoring the pipeline system.

Pipeline controllers use satellite and computer technology to monitor flow and pressures along ONEOK pipelines. ONEOK regularly monitors pipelines through aerial patrols, driving and walking the pipelines. Operations and maintenance personnel live in close proximity of our pipelines to ensure the quickest response possible to respond to a pipeline emergency.

   Natural Gas Liquids   
ONEOK NGL Pipeline   800-666-9041
ONEOK North System   888-844-5658
  ONEOK Permian NGL Operating Company   844-288-7240
  ONEOK Bakken Pipeline   855-348-7258
  ONEOK Elk Creek Pipeline   855-348-7258

  Natural Gas  
  Guardian Pipeline  888-417-6275
  Mid-Continent Market Center   888-675-3302
  Midwestern Gas Transmission  888-417-6275
  OkTex Pipeline – Texas  800-562-5879
  OkTex Pipeline – Oklahoma  888-215-5137
  ONEOK Field Services  888-675-3302
  ONEOK Gas Transportation  888-215-5137
  ONEOK Rockies Midstream – North Dakota and Montana  800-778-7834
  ONEOK Texas Gas Storage  800-562-5879
  ONEOK WesTex Transmission  800-562-5879
  Viking Gas Transmission  888-417-6275         

Refined Products and Crude

Magellan Pipeline Company  800-720-2417

Magellan Crude Oil Pipeline  800-720-2417

Magellan Pipeline Holdings  800-720-2417

Magellan Terminals Holdings  800-720-2417

Magellan Operating Company                      800-720-2417