Public Awareness and Pipeline Safety

If you have a pipeline emergency, immediately dial 911.

If you have any questions about ONEOK's pipeline safety programs, contact ONEOK or email

Our Commitment

ONEOK is committed to operating our pipelines in a safe and environmentally responsible way. Our goal is to partner with our individual stakeholders and communities where we operate by providing important information about our pipelines, but we cannot do this alone.   

Our commitment to keeping everyone safe relies, in part, on our partnership with you. Whether you work, live or play near our pipelines, are an emergency responder or a local public official – we want to ensure you have access to the information you need.

You can find out if you live or work near one of our pipelines by visiting the National Pipeline Mapping System. Anytime you plan to dig or excavate near one of our pipelines, don’t forget to call 811 or your local State One Call Number

Pipeline Safety 

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A key aspect of ONEOK's demonstration of this commitment is the execution of our public awareness and damage prevention programs. These programs were developed in accordance with federal and state requirements and industry best practices to inform our many customers -- those who live near our pipelines, emergency officials, local public officials and excavators -- with key pipeline safety information.

Pipeline safety and awareness brochures are regularly mailed to as many as 700,000 stakeholders and are available here to read or download.

Affected Public / Business /
  Excavators / Farmers Public Officials /
Emergency Responders
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From supplying the fuel that heats your home to the fuel that powers your car, pipelines are an integral part of our daily lives. Pipelines also are the safest and most efficient way to transport these products. Typically buried underground, these unseen assets are critical to our country’s economic engine and our quality of life. 

Pipelines supply stable, U.S.-produced resources essential to everyday life and the industries that drive our economy. Pipelines deliver gasoline, diesel and jet fuel to power our cars, busses and airplanes. Our stores are filled with products transported by trucks and used in many products that enter the world market. Pipelines take us to where we want to go, keep our home and businesses powered with affordable energy and make our nation secure by supplying stable resources reliably, safely and efficiently.


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