Magellan Information

24 Hour Emergency Number: 800-720-2417

To our neighbors:

Magellan aims to raise the awareness of our pipeline facilities and help the public better understand the role they can play in contributing to pipeline safety. 

We will work with you to plan property improvements near Magellan’s pipeline. We will respond if you call 811 to request we mark our lines on your property. We will conduct routine inspections and ongoing maintenance of the pipeline on your property and notify you of scheduled maintenance. 

Please contact us and 811 prior to planning any type of construction project or planting near the pipeline right of way. The call to 811 is free and we will mark the line for free.

It is important to Magellan that you know who to contact when you have questions or concerns. If you have questions about the pipeline on your property or would like development specifications, please contact Bob Miller at or by phone at (918) 574-7393 during normal business hours. For damage prevention questions, contact Dyan Gillean at or by phone at (918) 574-7452 during normal business hours.

You may also contact Magellan's non-emergency number at 888-945-2255, 24 hours a day, seven days a week for general questions and information.

Safefy Brochures

Magellan uses the following communication pieces to let landowners, tenants and excavators know about the importance of 811. To view the brochures as PDFs, select a link below.

Foreign Language Brochures