Following One-Call Is Easy

  1. Call your state one call center at a minimum of two days prior to excavation starting. You may call sooner if you know you will be digging. Some states require a 72-hour notice, so familiarize yourself with your state's one-call requirements.

  2. Wait the required amount of time for utility owners, pipeline companies and others with underground facilities to mark or flag the lines. Utilities and pipelines will be marked at no cost to you. 

  3. ONEOK will contact the excavator once its pipelines are located and marked. It is important that the designated contact for this information be on-site or in direct contact with the ONEOK locator.

  4. Respect the markers or flags when and where they are placed. Do not remove or move them prior to or while digging. 

  5. A ONEOK representative will request to be on-site to monitor the excavation. Please contact them prior to digging.

One-Call State Requirements

  Colorado 2 days not to include the day of notice 30 days 1-800-922-1987
  Illinois 48-hour notice (two working days), but no more
than a 14-calendar day advance notice prior to
the start of excavation
Life of the ticket or until marks
become indistinguishable

Chicago area:


  Indiana 2 full working days 20 days 1-800-382-5544
  Iowa 2 working days 20 calendar days from the date the notice is
made to the Iowa One Call Notification center
  Kansas 2 full working days, not including the day
the notice was placed
15 calendar days 1-800-344-7233
  Kentucky 2 working days 21 days 1-800-752-6007
  Minnesota 48 hours, excluding weekends and holidays 14 calendar days 1-800-252-1166
  Missouri 2 working days As long as visible 1-800-344-7483
  Montana 2 business days 30 days 1-800-551-8344
  Nebraska 2 business days 17 business days 1-800-331-5666
  New Mexico 2 working days 15 working days 1-800-321-2537
  North Dakota 48 hours, excluding weekends and holidays 21 calendar days from the start time
stated on the ticket
  Oklahoma No more than 14 calendar days nor less than 48 hours,
excluding the date of notification
14 calendar days 1-800-522-6543
  Tennessee No less than 3 working days and nor more
than 10 working days
15 calendar days 1-800-351-1111


2 working days, not more than 14 days 14 days 1-800-344-8377
 Wisconsin 3 working days Length of project if maintained 1-800-242-8511
   Wyoming 2 full business days 14 business days 1-800-849-2476